How to generate more traffic to our website?


I’m a a new blogger and i’m facing difficulty in generating traffic for my website. Please guide me how can i generate more traffic to our website?


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  1. Generating traffic to your website is vital once you set up and written content.
    Let’s understand the process of how one can generate traffic to his/her website.
    1. Write appealing content:- because the content is the king. So, in real your content should be the king. If your content will be good enough people will love and share.
    2. Share on Social Media:- Share your content on social media by targeting relevant groups or space.
    3. Make an email list:- When the audience comes to your website ask them to subscribe newsletter. When you update or publish any post do send with your email list.
    4. Contribute to another website:- When you contribute to other sites write a bio and leave your website URL. This way your readers will follow you.
    5. Do SEO:- This is the last but not least if you can afford then please do SEO of your website this will help to drive traffic from google search.

    So, these are the effective steps you can use to generate more traffic to your website.
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  2. Here are some points to Generating More Traffic to the websites.
    1. Get Listed in Online Directories.
    2. Build Backlinks.
    3. Post to Social Media.
    4. Include Hashtags in Your Posts.
    5. Use Landing Pages.
    6. Target Long-Tail Keywords.
    7. Start Email Marketing.
    8. Guest Blog.
    9. Engage Online.
    10. Learn from Your Analytics.

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